You’d be surprised at how many customers view your site from their mobiles.

Online marketing and SEO consultancy, BrightEdge has reported that website traffic via mobile has grown by a staggering 125% in the last year, compared to 12% in visits from desktops.

Amazingly, Australian web design companies have not caught on to this.

Our latest study, dated July 2013, indicates that from the top 50 hits on Google for the search terms: web design Australia, only 20% of WEB DESIGN COMPANIES had a RESPONSIVE design, and only 30% had a MOBILE site.

Pretty amazing!

In fact, the stats are really poor.

These are supposed to be the top 50 web design companies in Australia (at least they’ve done their search engine optimisation SEO well), but they’re expecting to give customers service that they are lagging behind in.


What does this mean?

>> You need to find a good design company who knows what they’re doing. <<

That’s where we come in…

GrowthNestApps specialises in mobile and responsive designs (try it on our website – resize your browser or load our page from your phone).

Contact us to see how we can upgrade your existing site, or add a mobile site for your customers.

How do you know if your website is mobile-friendly?

Contact Us and we’ll check for you.

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